Maserati Alfieri - 2017 concept car

Maserati is a company established in 1914 in Bologna, Italy by five brothers: Alfieri, Ettore, Bindo, Carlo and Ernesto. The concept car which was presented in 2014 at Geneva Motor Show is named Alfieri after one of the Maserati brothers. It is a 2+2 car with a V8 engine of 4,7 L which can produce a power of 460 bhp.

Today Maserati is a part of the group which owns Abarth and Alfa Romeo. Their main goals are exclusivity and luxury. In 2014 Maserati sold 4000 cars. Their target is to sell in 2018 75.000 units. Pretty ambitious, right ? The price of such a car will be £65,000 or more.

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