Boat design - part II

I have made some improvements to my boat. 

The most important line in every boat is the center line. Doesn't matter what you design, you have to establish first where is the center line situated. This line will be intersected by athwartships and in this way will establish the weight point of the ship. 
I was thinking of a lite boat  which is all made in wood. The next phase after the skeleton is deciding the shape of the hull. So I firstly made a basic shape which will be modulated later. Next step: I designed the port (left side) and starboard (right side). The will be a grill, too, which is the ground of the boat and the main feature of it is not to be slippery. 
I covered the bow (front side) of the boat with a wooden cover and placed and ornament over it. This has dual role being used as an anchorage point of the boat, as well. The next phase will be the chairs in the boat and the engine. 

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