HAAS - Formula 1 Debut

Gene Haas - the co-owner of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series decided to be part of Formula 1 starting with 2016. Originally he wanted to do this in 2015 but he postponed for next year. Mercedes already claimed Hass as being the second team of Ferrari but the Americans declined pretending they are a self made team trying to win the circuit according all existing the rules. 

Haas F1 team will be powered by Ferrari. They will have as logistical partners TEXACO, HP and Budweiser. The most surprising rumor is the color of their cars. Usually any American team has 3 colors: red, white and blue. It seems Gene Haas has chosen yellow for his first Formula 1 season.

Another good sign for the next season is Renault staying in the big circuit despite the news announcing they will give up. Let's hope these two teams will not have the same color for their cars.

Anyhow I am waiting for your opinion: which of the concept cars presented looks better ? Anyone who knows who will be the pilots of HAAS F1 team ?

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