Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Circuit

Abu Dhabi is one of the most revolutionary Formula 1 circuits. The first race was held on YAS island in 2009 and continues every year since then. Once this circuit was accepted in the F1 calendar, Ethihad Airlines became one of the most important sponsors of "the big circus". The circuit is situated about 30 minutes of Abu Dhabi - the Capital city of UAE.

The design of this circuit was made Hermann Tilke and is very complex. It has a length of 5,5 km, an area of 161,9 ha and a seating capacity of 41.100 viewers.The marina includes a theme park, a water park, hotels and beaches. 

In the picture below one may see Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. The image is taken from a ride in the world's fastest roller coaster - Formula Rossa. The Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit at YAS Marina is just next door.

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