Ferrari 2015 Design Challenge

Everybody knows what means Ferrari. Probably the most known race car, the team with the most fans in Formula 1. 

Sebastian Vettel, the most important pilot of Ferrari team just visited a showroom containing the most challenging concept cars of "scuderia". For these masterpieces were involved the best designers in the World. Actually the team of wild horse is the only one carrying the flag of Formula 1 from the very beginning until today. In the video bellow you may admire this incredible work and please, feel free to say your opinion about it.
All these model cars were first drawn on paper. after this they were projected using a CAD program. Probably something intern of Ferrari factory in Monza - Italy. After these they were produced in a smaller scale in the way every person in decision to chose the future look of Ferrari cars. It is a huge work made by the best people money can buy. I think these are very good spent money.

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