Formula 1

Everybody knows what s Formula 1. This is a very popular international car race with a very long tradition. Anyone who speaks about Formula 1, thinks of Bernie Ecclestone - the boss of this event. This is a big show in the same time and men like Enzo Ferrari or Frank Williams can't be forget when speaking of it.

The best part of Formula 1 is it stimulates creativity. This is an industry already which forces contestants to improve themselves everyday. There are drivers who want to become better and better, mechanical teams trying to their best all the time, designers and engineers who are working for future projects of every team. Actually every year it is already known the next year's shape of the car. 

The aerodynamic engineers are a special category of specialists in this field. They are testing everyday the monoposts using wind tunnels, collecting data and parameters in order to receive the best car with the best performance. 

On the other hand, this is a tough business. There are circuits all over the World and many countries are interested to host one of them. Such an event represents a good opportunity to monetize science and technology but also offers a great exposure for sponsors and a huge image for people involved in it.

You may see here a video taken in a Formula 1 demonstration in Aarhus Denmark. It is the Classic Race Aarhus which was already presented in a previous post.

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