Bentley Trend

As everybody knows Bentley is an old English car brand owned by Volkswagen. They have a good name in automotive industry and they are producing SUV's only. The car body is made in Germany being similar with Audi Q7 but is 150 mm longer. The rest of the components are still made in England.

This was initially a very expensive and exclusive car. As we can see in the next words this situation seems to change. Bentley is still a top quality brand. Even the biggest market for these cars is China the quality remains the same. But the price of them is going down. The top model which used to cost $200,000 in 2014 or 2015 is going to cost $150,000 in May 2016. 

What is the explanation ? Probably the growing market of electric cars will not let too much space for the other exclusive brands. 

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