Formula 1 Motorhomes

There are many concepts of motorhomes in Formula 1. We are speaking about transportable houses built on trucks. The small race teams have only one truck with two levels - the car is placed above and the spare parts are placed in a little store bellow. Sometimes there is a place for a small office or a little restroom for drivers there. 
Let's see what happens in Formula 1. Ferrari presented a 8 trucks built motorhome in 2015. They have 10 workers who start building this home in the Saturday before the Grand Prix. The entire operation it takes no more than 2 days.

The price for such a motorhome is not disclosed yet, but for people interested there is on sale a motorhome used by "Scuderia" in 2003.  It consists of two fully accessorized Iveco trucks at a price of €2 million plus taxes. More details can be founded here.

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